Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips for Living a Successful Life: PART 2 by Ruby

Hi guys, I'm back. Last week my mom posted "Two Tips for Living a Successful Life", and while it was a decent article, I've come up with two of my very own.

1. Lately my parents have been giving me a cereal called "Raisin Bran". There are two parts to this cereal (as the name implies): "raisin" and "bran". I would like to recommend that it is very important to only eat the raisins. The bran part tastes yucky. If your dad tries to get you to eat the bran part by showing you how (as he puts it in his mouth), play dumb and let him keep "showing you how". Eventually he will have eaten all the bran, and you will have only eaten the raisins. Definitely a win.

2. Hardly ever speak, so that your parents think you don't know how. Then, at very opportune moments, "magically" say a word. You will undoubtedly get your way. For example, walking by the cookies in the grocery store is the perfect time to pull out the word "cookie" for the first time. It'll melt the parent's heart, and you'll get the cookies.

Does anyone have any other ideas for me that I can start practicing now at 19 months? I know it is important to start early in order to be successful, right?


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  1. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, Esther just takes the whole box of raisin bran & shuts herself in the bathroom with it (so as to be free from annoying reprimands). Her happy singing eventually gives her away, & when you open the door you will find all the "bran" she's sorted through covering the floor. I'm sure she'd let Ruby in on the loot if she wanted to come help!