Tuesday, October 23, 2012

debate anticipation/let down

After last weeks debate, I was sure this week we'd see something big. After being so close to crazy excitement, it had to come this week. I was sure one of the candidates would knock out the other one (I mean in the literal sense--like in a fist fight). I actually thought maybe Lynn University had a boxing ring where they could just hold the debate - it would make things easier. I was sure a ref would be more appropriate than a "moderator" anyway.
Unfortunately, after a few minutes into the debate I realized it was not going to be what I'd hoped.
picture taken of me 15 minutes into it
After a while I decided it surely was time for my little one to have a bath and I gladly volunteered to give it to her. Shortly after the bath was full Camm came running in, "you missed the best part! you have to see it!" I ran into the computer room and went back two minutes on the live stream.
That was pretty much the hi-light. After that I went back to my first stance:
picture taken an hour and 15 minutes into it



PPS - This is supposed to be funny, don't get into a huge political debate in the comments section! Debates about stick figures are hardly worth it...

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  1. The funniest part for me was when Romney said to Obama, "attacking me is not an agenda."