Tuesday, August 21, 2012

UHAUL...isn't it wonderful?

Here we were in the UHAUL. Moving to Oregon. I was in the middle--not because I was trying to cuddle with Camm by sitting in the middle of his stellar truck--but because Ruby was in her carseat next to me.
We look happy. But that's because we'd had a chance to burn off some steam with the UHAUL company.

A week before we were about to move we went into the Uhaul store to ask about pricing and to reserve a truck. 
"We really don't have a lot of stuff," we told the exceptionally animated agent, "We'd like to get the smallest truck. But we need to make sure there are three seat belts since we'll all be riding in it."
He lead us out to the smallest truck and opened the cab. "Well you see, it looks like there's only two seat belts, but see how there's a space between the two bucket seats?"
"Uh, yeah," I was confused imagining what was coming next.
"So what you can do is just get some rope and strap in her carseat. You'll just need to tie it in."
Yeah, right. In a split second I imagined Camm tying Ruby's carseat in:
"Now how did that knot look that I learned in Boy Scouts?"
This was never going to fly.
Camm looked at me quizzically. I shot him a glance as if to say, "If you even think about strapping our baby in with rope, there's no way I'm moving with you." He got the picture.
"You know what?" he very kindly said to the agent, "that's probably not going to work for us, we'll take a bigger truck."
Relieved, I checked out the next size up. He showed us how to turn off the airbags so Ruby could sit with us in the cab, and I felt that it would safely suffice. Though it was much bigger than we needed, it would do.
He convinced us that we needed to reserve it right then so that it would be available for the day we needed. We gave him our credit card info and were ready.


The day before we were supposed to go the agent called us back and Camm answered, "So I'm not going to be able to hold the truck you wanted for tomorrow, you'll have to go another size up for an additional fee of $30."
"But I reserved the medium truck. I don't want a giant one," I heard Camm say.
"Yes, but you'll just have to get it because there aren't going to be any the size you wanted."
"So what's the point of a reservation if you don't reserve it for me?" my typically very calm husband was getting annoyed.
"This is actually a good thing, you get a bigger one. Aren't you happy?" the agent was trying to convince my unconvince-able husband.
"I don't want to drive a huge truck. In fact, I didn't even want the size I reserved. I wanted the tiny one but only got that size for the seat belts. I don't want to drive the huge truck. I don't want to pay for the gas. And I certainly don't want to pay the extra 30 bucks!"
They bantered back and forth. Camm said we'd go to a different company. Finally the guy gave us a deal on the bigger truck so we gave in. But really, what's the point of a reservation if they don't reserve anything? 

Oh well, I guess we got off happy enough.

PS--Would anyone seriously drive 698 miles with their baby self-strapped in?
PPS--Check out this Seinfeld episode where basically the same thing happens to Jerry. Has it happened to any of you guys?

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