Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love Scattergories.
Scattergories inspires my creativity. Just ask my husband (here's a couple of real experiences):

Anyway, just recently, I was remembering how I learned to play Scattergories (and now I don't feel bad at all for my creativity).
I was about six or seven years old. My favorite cousin (Marel) was (and still is) a year and a half older than me. Since I was six, 1.5 years older meant I thought she was a genius. She could read ANYTHING and she could write in cursive. She probably was learning multiplication and wow...I remember thinking she was so cool and so mature. 
So anyway, as I remember, we were staying in a beach cabin and Marel asked if I wanted to play Scattergories. I said sure and she explained the rules. Every time we would go through it, she would have these absolutely fascinating words. Article of clothing: Flewjemzie. Musical instruments: Flautintin. Underground things: sapnardroot. I remember thinking Marel was so smart and wishing I could be that smart.
It wasn't until years later that she told me she had actually made up the words that first time we played.
I'm not mad, I think her example inspired my present creativity.
What goes around comes around, I guess.


  1. Have fun folding your flewgemsies today. You could write a blog that is just Marel and Molly stories if you wanted.

  2. Hahaha so that's where you get it!
    I remember playing Scattergories with you guys before, and I'm here to say your story is pretty accurate! ;)

  3. We tagged you for a Liebster Award. We love your blog! Check out the post at

  4. Um, I would read the Marel Molly story blog. In fact, I would love to read it. Write it! Write it! Like the time you ran around in circles in your house chasing me and I was under the desk by your front door but you didn't stop for a really long time. Or that time I made up all these memories and you totally went along with them and added to them and then I told you I made them up. Wait... why am I your favorite cousin?