Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day tribute to Ruby's Grandmas

Sunday was my first real Mother's Day. Last year, Camm told me that I was a mother since I was 8 months pregnant, but I didn't really believe him. This year was the first time I was ACTUALLY a mom.

As I was thinking about the mom that I want to be, I couldn't help but think of the mothers in my life who have meant so much to me. I came up with an idea to do a tribute to Ruby's grandmothers.

Of course, first we have my mom. I know she will instill in Ruby a sense of adventure. She'll teach Ruby the importance of following your dreams and doing your best. Ruby will look to her as an example and see the importance of service and hard work.

Next, we have Ruby's Grandma Clark. Ruby gets so excited to see her every time she's around. Ruby will always be excited to get to visit her and hang out with her. I'm sure she'll be asking to visit her and call her up on the phone whenever we're far away.

Ruby still has two great-grandmas living. She can look to them as great examples of faith and courage. I only have a picture of her with one of them to put here.

Though my grandma (Granny) isn't around anymore, I hope that Ruby still learns from her. Granny's example will teach her creativity, bravery, spunk, and sense of humor. I hope that Ruby inherits Granny's great qualities. Rather than a picture of Granny here, I will include a little note that she once sent to me. Granny was famous for writing little poems--as is included in the card. I love Granny and hope that I can become the kind of woman that she was. More than that, I hope that Ruby can become the kind of woman that she was.

In case it it hard to read, it says:
Who's this little girl
Standing with her shadow
Looking up at me
From her Papa's meadow?
Why I believe that's Miriam Grace
Looking at the world with her pretty face!
Thank you to all of the wonderful moms who have taught me so much!


  1. that is so precious...i love the last photo with your grandma's handwriting...she loves you soooo much!!!