Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sky Mall

I just got home from a fabulous trip to Hawaii. I'll post pictures and talk about the trip later. First, I would like to talk about the great read that Sky Mall is:

In a world where "Snuggies" just aren't good enough...
Now we have the nuddle blanket (page 34). "has an exclusive foot pocket to keep your feet warm all year round".

I've seen the special neck pillows, but this is much better:
Page 35: There is a picture of a woman with a pillow that not only covers three sides like the classic neck pillows do, it is encircling her entire neck tightly. Her eyes are closed and I wonder if she is passed out do to some kind of restraint placed on her ability to breathe (strangling may be the right word for that)

The world's largest write on map mural
9X13 foot, 5 lbs, $149.95 map (page 52). Picture features a father and daughter pointing to the coast of southern Argentina. I actually think that it would be cool to have a map like this (I'm the girl who has a shower curtain map hanging in my bathroom). The only thing I find odd is that this same display has been in skymall since the first time I flew on an airplane. I remember being the age of the little girl in the picture wishing my daddy could point to the coast of southern Argentina with me. I guess now I just wonder if there have really been SO many people spending 150 dollars on a map like this for the past 15-20 years that they have kept it here. Or, the alternative would be, that they are keeping it in here hoping that someday someone will buy the supply that they have on overstock.

The Closet organizing Trouser Rack (p. 66)
Neatly organizes 20 pairs of neatly folded trousers. Do people really have 20 pairs of neatly folded trousers?

The Bordingnagian Sports Chair
5.5 foot/35 pound camping chair. Picture displays a grown man sitting in the chair. His feet do not touch the ground and his arm can barely reach the armrest. Just what I always wanted...

my baby is crying. better stop thumbing through this and making my wishlist...

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